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Many Anoka and Ramsey businesses are, and will be, impacted by the Highway 10 construction project over the next few years.

Check out special offers from these businesses and show your support.

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The Anoka Area Chamber of Commerce Benefit of the Week is your chance to “Feature your business in the Member News Column of the Chamber newsletter.” This is one of the most popular benefits used by members and it’s no surprise.  Twice a year a member can feature their business in the Chamber newsletter that is emailed to over 800 businesses.  Your article can be up to 200 words in length and feature your logo and picture.  It’s a great way to tell all the who, what, where, when and why about the products and services you offer.  To get this benefit, contact the Chamber office and we’ll get you scheduled! Remember, it’s not a benefit if you don’t use it.

Welcome The Modern Sportsman, a guns, ammo, training and range at 20 Coon Rapids Blvd. NW in Coon Rapids and the newest member of the Anoka Area Chamber of Commerce!

The Anoka Area Chamber of Commerce Benefit of the Week is “Community”. The Anoka Area Chamber is involved in our member communities.  Our feeling is that the better our communities are, the better the businesses are and the better the Chamber is.  We understand this and work hard to do what we can in our communities.  Over the years the Chamber has been involved with and/or helped out many different community players. This benefit is one you might not see out front, but it is there and always important to the Chamber. Remember, it’s not a benefit if you don’t use it.

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