The Anoka Area Chamber of Commerce Benefit of the Week is referrals from the Chamber. Here’s the best part about this benefit.  You don’t have to do anything because you already did by joining the Anoka Area Chamber of Commerce.

Every day the Chamber office is called by the public or other businesses asking for referrals for products or services they need.  As a member, we tell them about you.  We don’t pick one member over the other, but tell them about all the members that cover their request and needs.  We only tell those requesting referrals about Chamber members in good standing.  That’s it, no one else, just members.  You’ve done your first part and that is to join the Anoka Area Chamber of Commerce.   Now it’s our time to go to work for you.   Whether someone is looking for flowers, a motel or an accountant, we’ll tell them about Chamber members.

Do you need a product or service?  Check out the yellow page section of the Chamber Magazine that we produce each year, go to the Chamber web site for a category list of all members or call the Chamber office.  Local partners using each other’s products and services is something we all should do more of.

For more information about this benefit or any other benefits of membership in the Chamber, call 763.421.7130.

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